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Mentee Yasmin Majumder, PMHNP (right) with
mentor Wendy Fletcher, DNP, APRN (left)
at Wendy’s clinic Main Street Medical
Associates in Morehead, Ky.  

Our MAT Training Resource Center initiative was created through a Rural Health Network Development Program grant.

This pipeline of educational sessions begins with a MAT 101 course. These brief, one-hour sessions give a broad overview of the substance use crisis and medication-assisted treatment of opioid use disorder. The next step is our MAT Boot Camp. This five-hour course takes a much deeper dive into MAT and implementing it into a provider’s practice. After boot camp, the participants progress into our MAT Mentorship program. During mentorship, a team of seasoned MAT providers work with each individual mentee and meets them where they are in terms of trainings: mentees can shadow one or more trainers at their MAT practice site; trainers can go to mentees’ practice and help them there; the mentor and participant can e-mail, tele-conference, chat by phone or text; etc. The mentorships theoretically last six months to a year, but again, can be tailored to individual mentee needs.

Additionally, we offer a MAT Waiver Course, which provides the first four hours of training needed to complete the DEA waiver process, in a live format. Depending on provider type, the number of total hours needed to complete the process are different (eight hours for physicians, 24 hours for nurse practitioners and physician assistants). However, the rest of the required trainings can be completed online by the provider at their own pace. Thanks to recent federal regulation changes, providers can actually treat up to 30 MAT patients before needing to pursue the DEA waiver. As a result, we plan to continue offering those waiver courses but not at the frequency we did prior to the regulation changes.

"I can personally vouch for the training provided by the Northeast Kentucky Substance Use Response Coalition. The education included the perspectives of a psychiatrist who specializes in substance misuse and abuse disorders; a family physician who runs a MAT clinic and has many years’ experience in doing so; and a nurse practitioner who additionally practices MAT. It was excellent and in fact, the best of these kinds of trainings I’ve attended so far.” 
-Somu Chatterjee, MD, MBBS, MPH
Associate Professor, Faculty
PA Studies, Clinical Sciences
College of Health Sciences
University of Kentucky 

If you’re interested in attending any of these continuing education events, check out our calendar or contact us for upcoming opportunities. To access pre-recorded content, click here.

The Medication Assisted Treatment Educational Opportunity Program sponsored by Northeast Kentucky Area Health Education Center and the Northeast Kentucky Substance Use Response Coalition has been one of the more influential programs I have participated in over the last 21 years of practice.  I have had an interest in substance abuse for a long time and have helped manage this issue for my patients for years.  Since participating in this program, I now better understand the disorder and feel much more confident in my practice.  I have also expanded my network of resources which improves the care I am able to provide.  The faculty, staff and educational venues have surpassed my expectations.  This was time well-spent and I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in treating substance abuse disorder. 
-Scott Seitz, APRN-BC
Eastern Kentucky Recovery
Winchester, KY